stakx 0.1.2 "Watchful Bandicoot"

October 01, 2017 allejo allejo

The release post for 0.1.2 comes a few months late due to simple neglect of the project website but it was released back in June 2017. You can view the full CHANGELOG for a full list of changes but here are the highlights.

So what's new?

This release mainly focused on improving and stabilizing the watch command but that doesn't mean new features weren't introduced as well. Here's a summary of what's new in this release.

The watch command

The watch command is no longer an experimental feature and support has improved. Issues with watching folders with spaces in the file path has been fixed as well as several issues occuring on Windows only.

A new configuration option has been added to _config.yml; this new option will allow you to preserve the case of your permalinks. By default, permalinks generated by stakx will always be converted to lower case but by setting this value to true, permalinks will keep their case.

  preserveCase: false

Redirects for ContentItems

ContentItems now support a special FrontMatter key named redirect_from, which supports an array of permalinks that will redirect to the canocial URL for the given ContentItem. These redirects are on a per ContentItem basis, meaning redirects will only apply for the specified ContentItem and not every ContentItem with a PageView level.

Highlighter Improvements

Custom language definitions for stakx's built-in Highlight.js port can now be defined through the _config.yml file; documentation for how to make use of this feature is coming.

The highlighter component can also be disabled entirely if you'd prefer to have a JS based solution.

  enabled: true
    bzw: _languages/bzw.json

Twig Filters

There were 3 new Twig filters introduced in this release: md5, sha1, and zip. Additionally, the select and url filters have received new parameters.

So what's next?

Despite this really delayed post and lack of development over the summer, stakx is not dead. There are plans for a 0.1.3 with some new features and bug fixes but the main focus will be on 0.2.0 development. This new major release release will mainly focus on optimizing and restructuring the project.