Twig :: url

The url filter is used to generate URLs to stakx object or assets.




  • 0.1.2 - The absolute argument was added


url(assetPath, absolute = false)


  • (required) assetPath : ContentItem | PageView | string

    The URL or stakx object to link to

  • absolute : bool

    When set to true, use the url option from the site configuration

Example Usage

All URLs linking to stakx pages or assets should always be rendered using the url filter; this will allow for easy to maintain URLs by changing a single value in your _config.yml file.

The two options in your configuration file that will be used are:

  • url
  • baseurl

By setting absolute to true, the url value in _config.yml will be used in the beginning of the returned URL.

Link to a loop of ContentItems.

    {% for post in collections.posts %}
            <a href="{{ url(post) }}">{{ post.title }}</a>
    {% endfor %}

Link to a specific ContentItem.

{{ url(collections.posts['my-blog-post']) }}

Link to a specific static PageView.

{{ url(pages.News) }}

Link to an standalone asset.

{{ url('/assets/images/logo.png') }}