stakx is a brand new static website generator inspired by the several out there and builds upon them to introduce a different and more organized way of doing things. This website serves to be a detailed guide on how to build your website with stakx. If you're familiar with Jekyll, you'll find a lot of similarities with the functionality and concepts.

Why use PHP?

stakx was written in PHP for a number of reasons. There is an extremely powerful templating engine written in PHP called Twig, which far surpasses Liquid for those coming from a Jekyll background. For developers accustomed to LAMP environments, stakx will be able to run without having to bother ensuring your host is using the correct version of Ruby.

So, why stakx?

There is the Sculpin project but it differs a lot from a typical Jekyll setup and requires a lot of configuration and setup just to build a single website.

stakx is distributed as a single executable with absolutely no need for a package manager (e.g. Composer or Bundler) to fetch all its dependencies.